जानिए क्यों कामख्या देवी ने नरकासुर का वध किया

Event Date:
Start at 12:00 PM
November 24, 2023

श्री राधे                                  विवाह में कन्यादान करने का समय कितनी देर का होता है । लग्न के कौनसे नवमांश में कन्यादान शुभ होता है 1. यदि सिंह लग्न में विवाह हो रहा हो तो धनु,मेष के नवमांश में कन्यादान करना शुभ होता हैं।। 2.एक लग्न में कन्यादान करने का शुभ समय लगभग 13 मिनट का होता है और उस शुभ नवमांश में लड़की का पिता लड़की का हाथ वर के हाथ मे संकल्प करके सौंप दे।

Smart City Cultural Council 2019 Grants

The Winchester Cultural Council has awarded $5,200 in LCC grants to 10 individuals and organizations for 2019. The funded projects expand cultural opportunities for Winchester’s students, help Winchester residents hear distinguished local performers, and use art to celebrate and strengthen our community. Projects include Indian Dance and Peking Opera; the extremely successful Authorfest program that brings published authors to Winchester schools:

  • Better information about cultural activities in town: signs, notices, online resources
  • More opportunities in town for visual artists to display their work
  • More collaborations between the artist community and local businesses
  • Activities to encourage greater involvement by all members of the community

Join the Cultural Council Grant Meeting

Members of the Winchester Cultural Council are volunteers who are appointed by the town’s Select Board. The Council meets monthly. Love of the arts is important, but no special skills are required. The cultural community in Winchester includes visual artists (painters, photographers, sculptors, artisans), performers (musicians, actors, dancers), historians, authors, and many others.

If you are interested in joining, just send a letter stating your interests and any experience with arts and culture to the Select Board, Town Hall, 71 Mt. Vernon Street. Please include your daytime telephone number and email address .

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